Apps to help Videographers and Photographers in the 21st Century

Videography and photography in general have changed considerably over the last 5 years. As technological innovations continue to be launched it’s helping relatively amateur photographers look like competent hacks in a shorter space of time.

Innovative advances such as the new iPhone 5s having an 8-megapixel camera is only going to aid the budding photographer/videographer along the way. And who’s to sneer at the smartphone generation enjoying the delights of such vastly improved technology. 

Photography and videography can be a very costly interest or profession so it is mildly comforting when apps hit the market that are cost effective and can ultimately ease the burden of having to shell out vast amounts of money on a program that professes to turn your work into a potential masterpiece. 

It’s also not always practical to have all your equipment with you on some occasions, or you may want to shoot an impromptu video so apps can come in handy even for the most experienced of shutterbugs. And these cutting-edge apps can be a Godsend. It’s also worth noting that the growth in the smartphone market is forcing the developers to look for different ways to engage the consumer. Gaming Realms, the renowned developer of online platform PocketFruity said that smartphone customers account for around 17% of the mobile market.” Which has been a catalyst for the increase of inexpensive innovative apps that are currently on the market.

Statistics portal Statista reported in June of this year that there had been around 75 billion apps downloaded since the App Store and Google Play were launched. With photography apps commanding approximately 2.2% share of said market. So, with the amount of brilliant apps available today, we have listed 3 of our favorite below.

1 – 8mm – The ideal app for people wanting to shoot vintage or retro images/videos.

2 – VideoPix 3 – One of the best Slow Motion editors available at such a cheap price. It has a video frame grabber function, easy to use interface and enhanced video player.

3 – iMovie – A very well know app around tech hacks, iMovie was created by Apple. It has many editing functions as well as the ability to a soundtrack to your videos and also pictures.

Guest post: This has been very wonderfully written by David Bailey.

Do you have any particular favourite apps that help you as a videographer or photographer? Let me know in the comments!

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