Filming in London

So I finally got the chance to do some filming in London at a quarry. Technically I was filming in Slough but still I'm counting it. Was nice to have my 7D by my side and the weather was rather nice too so I couldn't complain. The day went off to a slowish start but there wasn't much I could do other than make sure I was covering every angle possible as the action unfolded.

The job was for CDE Global (Cookstown based company) who specialise in making machinery for quarry's which wash and separate all different sizes of stones. It's actually quite a useful and interesting piece of work. Anyway, that machine just arrived that morning and was set up throughout the day by a bunch of guys who all seemed rather impressed with its design and functionality.

What's even easier about the job is that I get to convert the footage and send it right back to Cookstown without having to worry about the edit. This is particularly handy as I have not yet brought my iMac over to my new house and editing on the MacBook would be far from an easy task.

I get to go back another day for some more shooting when the machine is fully operational but until then I may well get some further London based practice with me 7D.

That's all for now!

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