First impressions: Wipster

You've finished editing the first draft of your latest video - what next? Do you put it unlisted on YouTube and send a link to the client? Then wait for them to send you a long email with timecode-stamped changes?

Well there are of course easier ways to make this whole process go smoother! In this edition of 'First Impressions', I took a look at Wipster, the solution to the above problem.

In it's most basic form, you sign up and upload videos to Wipster, send the link to your client and then let them annotate changes/thoughts/comments right on the video. You can then easily upload newer versions or argue with them about their proposed changes if you really want to.

Wipster interface - Reviewing a video

I think this is perfect for:

  • In-house video producers who require video sign-off from someone outside of the team.
  • Wedding videographers making highlights reels can let their bride have a sneak peak before uploading and publishing.
  •  Freelance producers who have to send multiple drafts to their clients.
  • And plenty more.

I love:

Trustworthy and informative site

You can tell that the team at Wipster are really proud of what they are doing just by having a quick glance at their site. They are constantly making this product better which makes me put great trust in what they are doing. Explainer videos and walkthroughs also make their service simple to use.

Video upload and processing was extremely fast

I found the upload and processing of videos very quick when you compare it to YouTube. This means you can get feedback quicker and streamlines the whole process.

Immediate comments from reviewer

As soon as the video is ready, the client or reviewer can get started right away. This immediate feedback is what I have always strived for. When you are in the editing zone, it helps to keep that momentum going by getting quick feedback and jumping back into the editing suite.

Wipster interface - Projects

I don't love:

Deleted comments

If you make a comment on a video and then delete it, it doesn't delete automatically on the other team members video. This could cause some confusion as it takes a broswer-refresh to remove that deleted comment. Could mean making a correction that the client changed their mind about.

Other person adds a comment while you are in the viewer

If you or the client add a comment while that other person is reviewing the video, the new comment will pop up wherever they are in the video. Seems like a bug for now which could be fixed but it does cause a little bit of confusion when you are reviewing the video.


You can get a free account forever if you want to use Wipster as a single user. This'll give you 15 minutes for free per month of upload time and you can even refer friends for more minutes. For the more hardcore users the pricing looks like this...

Wipster pricing - July 2015

I have lots of good things to say about this service as it ticks a lot of boxes for me as an editor who often needs approval from others before publishing a video.

I also believe that it is one of those services that you really need to weigh up wether or not it's worth spending the money on. $25 per month isn't too much at all and if you have a constant stream of clients then it will pay for itself in no time. I think the simplified process of all feedback living in one place - rather than spread over a bunch of emails - makes this service worth having a serious look at.

Have you used Wipster? Or do you use another service like this that you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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