How I name my files (naming conventions)

I love it when things are organised. It helps me when I am working, but that is not the main reason I do it. I mainly do it so all the files look good - but if productivity increases as a result of this then it must be a good thing. So lets get straight to it.

Folder template

I like to keep a 'Project Template' folder. This way when I start a new project, I can copy and paste it into whatever folder I am using, rename it and get started. Simple things like that will save you time, and ensure that you don't forget things.

Here is how it looks:

Pretty simple, but it means I don't need to create all this every time I start a project.

File names

I use a very simple, and memorable way of naming files (used especially when I export my final project). Here it is:


Super easy, right? Lets break it down a little.

Name - Obviously the name of the project.

Version - Any time I make a change and re-export the video, it becomes the next version.

Date - The date that I export the video (YearMonthDay). This keeps all the videos in order in the folder.

Time - Time that the export was started - Again, this keeps all the files in order.

Resolution - 1080p/720p and so on. Depends on the project but it is usually one of these.

Codec - This is the video codec. H.264 is my usual choice but I like to remember what I used.

Audio - This is the audio codec. I usually go with AAC as it works well.

OtherInfo - This is not always used but I stick some extra things on here. Like in the example below where I made a 'live action' and 'animated' version of this video.

As you can see I am not a fan of spaces in file names. One long word is the way forward.


And that's about it. 


How do you name your files? Or do you have any good tips to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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