How much to charge as a freelance videographer

When you are doing freelance work, the inevitable question gets asked time and time again - 'How much do you charge?' When you're starting out though, it's hard to know how to answer it.

I'm hoping that the following will help you a little, but I am more than keen to hear your thoughts and your approach to this!

What you're worth per hour

I've asked other freelance workers about how they decided on what they charge for a project and it always seems to come back to an hourly rate of pay.

Anywhere between £20 - £30 per hour for videography work is very reasonable. I know this because that is what I have charged people and they have been very accepting of it. You might find your local area varies, but you'll find out pretty fast if you have set the price too high.

Deciding on an hourly rate (and sticking to it) will help you out for the future - clients will come to know what to expect when they quote a price from you.

The length of the project

So you've decided on your hourly rate, now it's time to add up the hours. Working hours can include:

  • Planning time (scripting, storyboarding)
  • Meetings (in an office or over Skype)
  • Travelling (driving to set or flying to another country)
  • Setup
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Re-editing
  • Uploading and finalising the project

You should never feel that you're time isn't worth something. Add all of these hours up and be honest with your client about how much time you will actually be spending on their project.

Setting up a shoot - this should be included in your hourly rate

Travel expenses

Other things that you might want to charge the client for are expenses that will hit you during the making of the project. These can be:

  • Petrol for your car
  • Public transport costs
  • Flights or boats

The right price

When you're all done with the project it would be helpful for you to ask if your price was right for the client. Send them a questionnaire including 'Did you feel about the cost of the project?' or something similar and they'll be quick to tell you if it was too high or low.


So that's about it.

Adding up all your hours and giving your client an honest quote will accurately represent how much work, time and effort you putt into the video creation. Following up with them about your pricing will help you too.

Like I said above - I really want to know how you find this costing experience and if you have any good tips to share!