Kayleigh O'Mara - Promo video

I'm extremely delighted to share my latest video creation.

This time, I teamed up with Kayleigh O'Mara, a London based illustrator and jewellery maker, to make a short promo for her growing business.

The video

The shoot

The entire video was shot in one day (over the space of around 5 hours). I asked Kayleigh to go through every stage of her process - sketch, digitise, refine, cut and assemble. This made for loads of great footage.

After that, we sat down and had a 30 minute chat about how she designs products, her frustrations as an artist and her plans for the future - This would come in very handy for some voice-over when I was editing.

The edit

It took around 2 hours to edit this piece. I edited it the morning after the shoot so everything was still fresh in my head.

I started with the song - I found one that I thought would nicely enhance the feel-good and inspiring message that I wanted to get across.

I then assembled all the footage to create a little story - I shot everything in order so this was relatively easy to do.

Then I listened back to the 30 minute conversation that we had and lifted out the quotes that I thought would add to the visual story.

A few screen grabs from the video

And that was it. I uploaded it, showed it to Kayleigh, and minus a few little changes, it was good to go.

You can check out Kayleigh's brand new website - and excellent jewellery - on her website: Kayleighomara.com.

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