YouTube URL modifiers

When you choose 'embed' on YouTube it spits out a rather standard piece of code. Luckily there are a few things that you can add onto the video URL to make things look pretty.

First things first: Make sure you put a '?' at the end of your URL before adding any of the following. So your end results will be (and so on).

Here we go...

Related videos


Once your video ends, the last thing you want someone to see is a bunch up unrelated 'related videos'. Delete the modifier if you want them to show up again (but are all those random videos distracting people from your website?)

Show/hide information


A normal embed comes with a video title. I think that can really get in the way (especially if you have taken the time to make a super nice thumbnail with the video name already on there). Who wants another title to be stuck on top? Not me!

Autohide play bar


This is possibly my favourite one. Once the video is played, the bottom info bar will disappear until the viewer hovers over it again. It is a real simple trick but it gets all of the distracting information out of the way and gives full attention to your video.



I haven't found a use for this one yet but I can only imagine I will find one someday. It does what it says on the tin - it will loop the video FOREVER. Well, at least until the viewer stops it.



This one should be used carefully. It will autoplay the video when the viewer loads the page. Might be worth only using this on a video that does not have any sound - otherwise you might piss a few people off. WARNING: Video plays will not count if you use this modifier (probably to stop people from mis-using it for views).

Start from a specific part of the video


Adding this one to a URL will mean that the video will not play from the start. Instead it will start playing 1 minute and 37 seconds into the video. If you want it to start at any other time just chance the above number to your desired start point!

When it plays it will look just like this:

Play a specific section


If you want to take the previous mod to the next level, then this one is for you. Putting any start and finish time into the modifier will embed only that section into your website or blog. It looks just like this:

Happy modifying :)


Have any URL mods that you use? Or are you having any trouble getting these to work, comment below!

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