What is 'Fresh Pair of Eyes'?

When you're working on a project it's so easy to get to close to it. The footage can become so familiar, and all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at it.

Well, I'd like to give you a hand!

Send me your video project - finished or unfinished, short or long, professional or personal.

I'll watch it and then give you some honest feedback on everything - length, song choice, pace, framing, graphics, you get the idea.

I should also mention that this is (of course) completely free! So why not get started right now?


How to submit

Just fill in the form below and I'll get back to you within a few days. It's really that easy!

Name *
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You can give me some context for the video OR let it speak for itself - Up to you!
Can I send you videos too? *
This means I'll email you stuff so you can be my 'fresh pair of eyes'



How much will this cost?

Absolutely nothing. I just want to be a fresh pair of eyes on your content.

Are there any videos you don't want to see?

Of course not. Send them all my way. No matter what length/style I'll watch it all.

Who are you to tell me if my video is any good?

Solid question. To be honest, I'm just like you - I love making and watching videos. The feedback that I give is purely my opinion on the video. I'm not claiming to be an expert - Just think of me as a friend that you have invited into your home to check out your latest video creation. And I'll take a cup of tea with milk and two sugars, thanks!

Why are you doing this, John?

I send videos to a friend of mine when I make them (and more often than not he rips them apart and gives me loads of good ideas). It's a wonderful asset to have, and I want to offer that assistance to you.

What's in it for you, John?

Here's what I hope to get from this:

  • Inspiration to make more videos - Seeing other people make great video content always inspires me to make more stuff. I'm hoping this will help me to continue to be inspired.
  • Advice in return - I'd love if you help me out in return. Next time I have a video and need a fresh pair of eyes, I could send it your way - Because you're my friend now, remember? Be sure to click 'Yes - Please send them :)' if you are happy to do this.
  • Entertainment - Sometimes I just want to watch entertaining or informational videos - having them sent straight to me will pass a load of free time!

Will you share my rough-draft video with anyone else?

Absolutely not. Sending me a video means it will come straight to my inbox and I won't share it around the web! However, when you have finished the project I'll be happy to tweet it out when I can!

Did you make up these FAQs?

Yes I did, but these are the kind of questions I would ask. I'll update this when I have some real ones! Feel free to use the contact form on my about page to ask any questions!